Getting healthy, fit, and in shape should be a holistic combination of exercise and healthy eating. As you start your exercise program at the gym or with a personal trainer, it’s the ideal time to make changes and improvements to your diet as well.

But with so many different diets and lifestyles to choose from, how do you know which is best for you? How do you pick the ‘lifestyle changes’ and the ‘fad diets’? And which is the right choice for your body and your lifestyle? Check out at how to choose the best diet for you.

Popular Diet Types

The different diets that come in and out of fashion usually aim to manipulate certain macronutrients in our diets. The macronutrient composition of your diet is the primary determinant of your overall intake of calories. Popular diets often center around a particular macronutrient distribution (i.e., low carb, high protein), an ideology (i.e., Paleo, whole foods) or another more specific food ingredient or nutrient (i.e., sugar-free or gluten-free).

There’s not a one right diet for everyone, because everyone’s body, training program, and lifestyle are different. One person may get amazing results with the Paleo diet, while another finds it easier and more enjoyable to stick to a whole foods diet.

Choosing the right diet

How to Choose the Diet for You

Choosing the right diet type depends on your preferences, what fits best into your life, and the recommendations of your trainer, physician, or dietician. It may be helpful to have a personalized consultation with a qualified dietician or nutritionist when starting a new training program. Consultation ensures your body is receiving enough energy and nutrients as you train, and that you get the results you want.

It can be helpful to start off with identifying what’s important to you. Is there a diet style you want to try or that you’ve found worked for you in the past? Talk this preference over with your nutritionist, doctor, or trainer to ascertain whether you can meet your daily nutrient and energy targets with this diet.

How to Stick To A Diet

Finally, the most important aspect to consider is –  can you follow this diet long term? If you want to stick to a diet, it needs to fit into your life, without too many drastic or unachievable changes. Consider your existing daily routine and lifestyle, your taste in food, and the time you have for food preparation. These factors may limit whether you can stick to your diet long term, so it’s important to plan and see which diet not only meets your needs but fits into your life as well.

Many diet options can fit under the banner of healthy eating. Ultimately, a balanced diet with proper nutrition is essential. For long-term diet success, choose an eating style that fits with your ideologies and preferences while also fitting comfortably with your lifestyle. Your personal trainer is there as a source of guidance and information to help you choose and stick to the right diet for better health and wellbeing.