When it comes to working out, finding your “why” is important. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for everyone to hit the gym regularly. Each day is a battle to get up, eat clean, and not just sit around watching TV all day.

The great thing about going to the gym is knowing you’re not alone in your struggle. There’s a wealth of support available to you, from personal trainers to other gym-goers who can motivate you even more. But which one is really right for you: group fitness classes or personal training?

Below is a breakdown of the two exercise types and how you can benefit from them.

Group Fitness Classes

Why it Works:

1. More Motivation

Let’s face it: it’s not that simple to get out of bed and push yourself to work out first thing in the morning. Once you’re in the gym, you might give up easily due to lack of motivation. Small groups in fitness classes can help you by pushing you to train harder. Seeing other people get results and feeling more competitive can inspire you to become better physically.

2. Affordable Price Range

A Group Fitness Training vs Personal Training Breakdown1Group fitness classes are usually affordable. If there are eight to ten of you, your instructor can make a living wage without having to charge you so much just for the session. You can also take more classes than one-on-one sessions with the same amount of money. Another plus is you can stick to the workout for a long time because it doesn’t take a huge chunk out of your budget.

3. Easier Learning

Small groups allow you to learn the workout faster. There’s no need to worry about your instructor staring at you all the time while you try to catch up with the others. It’s also easier to pick up what you need to know during the lesson when there are other examples around you when working out.

Personal Training

Why it Works:

1. Customized Moves

Unlike the format of group fitness classes, personal training offers workouts that are perfectly tailored to you. After explaining your areas of concern and goals, your personal trainer will focus on the best movements to help you reach your goals and rehabilitate any injury you may have.

2. Personal Accountability Partner

The goal of your trainer is to help you succeed. He or she will cheer you on toward not only your goals inside the gym but also outside. Your trainer will make sure that you are eating right, and that you are still working out on the days you are not meeting up with him or her. Having someone who genuinely cares for your well-being can be very motivating.

3. Attention

When you have a personal trainer, they will provide you with undivided attention during your workout sessions. The trainer only has you to teach, so they can quickly check if you have correct form and if you are working to your maximum capacity.

If you’re planning to get in shape after a long holiday or simply trying to be fit, you’ll want to maximize the effect of your hard work. The truth is, what type of exercise works the best for you will depend on your unique personality, workout needs, and preferences. Whatever you choose, be sure to stick to it to achieve the best results you can.