Are you getting bored with your workouts? Have you plateaued in your fitness efforts? Then you might want to consider working with a personal trainer. They can help take you to the next level and challenge your abilities day after day, week after week.

Personal trainers instill a wealth of knowledge to each of their clients – from introducing the latest fitness techniques to teaching proper form to help with injury prevention. However, one of the best skills they provide is helping clients come up with realistic, meaningful goals that allow them to see significant progress in every step of their fitness journey.

Below are effective goal-setting strategies a personal trainer can use to help you create a fitness goal.

1. Begin with a simple conversation.

You may feel reluctant to share a goal with your personal trainer because they might think it’s too unrealistic. If you’re not comfortable diving right into your specific goals during your first appointment, a personal trainer can guide you through the process without making you feel awkward or insecure.

Aside from creating a fitness program suited for you, a personal trainer can help you identify potential roadblocks that may prevent you from reaching success, and address any problem in your chosen lifestyle plan.

2. Discuss your motivation to be fit.

Once you’ve figured out a larger goal, talking with your trainer allows you to know what that would bring. Simply looking good is not enough but it’s usually a result of more meaningful goals such as increasing your energy, overcoming illnesses, reducing health risks, lowering stress, etc.

3. Create smaller and more realistic goals.

Working with a Personal Trainer on How to Create a Meaningful Health Goal1The next step for the personal trainer is to help you make smaller but more realistic goals. An effective way to do that is to create a sense of progress for you. They can map out a plan on paper so both of you have a visual representation of targets to hit.

4. Bring up some creative possibilities.

If you still don’t have a goal in mind, your personal trainer might throw you some creative opportunities. It can be as simple as achieving one pull-up correctly, or as complex as outdoor rock climbing.

5. Mix up the plan.

Not all goals remain the same for everyone. Your momentum might slow down as the months go by or an injury might sabotage your initial plan.  In the future, if your goals start to feel too far to reach, your personal trainer can change things up for you. They can bring up a Plan B that comes with secondary goals to replace the first one you had in mind.

While your fitness goals might be personal, you can definitely work with others to achieve them. A great personal trainer leverages any resources they have to maximize results.

Think of your personal trainer as your life coach, cheerleader, and nutrition guide all rolled into one. Without their assistance, your fitness goals will be much harder to reach. So what are you waiting for? Search for a skilled and reliable personal trainer today to help achieve the body you’ve always wanted.