It’s no secret that many of us would like to shed a few pounds, and many of us also know that regular exercise is an important part of losing weight and keeping it off. Exercise, as part of a plan including a balanced diet, can help us lose weight effectively and in a healthy way, while building our strength and endurance simultaneously. But what exercises can actually help us to get the maximum weight loss results with the most efficient use of our time and energy? Here we look at 5 exercises that science and experience have actually proven help us lose weight more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Personal Training

When it comes to targeted training to help you lose weight faster and more efficiently, there’s not much that can beat personal training. A certified personal trainer can build a weight loss program that’s specific to you, targeting on your focus points and problem areas. A personal trainer can also provide the individualized motivation to help keep you focused on reaching your goals so you hit your ideal weight sooner.

  1. Structured Programs

A structured weight loss program, whether it’s a certain fitness class you regularly attend or a program of your own invention, can really help you lose weight simply by the merit of being consistent, and helping to keep you motivated. Examples of such structured programs include CrossFit, dance classes, team sports or other fitness skills classes. Studies have shown that those who take part in structured exercise programs, along with eating a calorie controlled diet are the most likely to lose weight and keep it off.

  1. Boot Camp

Boot camp training is intense, regular training that pushes your body to the limit – and perfect for kick-starting weight loss. Though not for everyone, bootcamp can offer the ideal workout for the person who wants a challenge and likes to sweat! Boot camp can help you burn a massive 600 calories an hour, which is ideal for efficient weight loss.

  1. Interval Training

High intensity interval training has been a buzz word in fitness circles over the last few years, and the results it produces for both fitness gains and weight loss could explain why. Interval training involves partaking in high intensity exercise but for shorter periods of time, maximizing the fitness value for the time you put into training. Science and anecdotal evidence reports that interval training is far more effective at increasing endurance and reducing weight than straight up cardio, and at much shorter durations of training.

  1. Strength Training

Many people who are trying to lose weight avoiding weight training because of its tendency to put on muscle and increase the number on the scales. But this is a mistake as weight training is actually an ideal activity to include in your weight loss training arsenal. Muscle burns calories, so the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn. Also, strength training boosts your metabolism and keeps it running high for up to 24 hours after training, so you’ll go on burning calories even after you’ve left the gym.

With these 5 exercises for weight loss in your training repertoire, you can keep the weight off more efficiently and effectively, with no endless and repetitive sessions on the treadmill!