When we begin a fitness program or health kick, it’s easy to start out strong with lots of motivation and drive towards achieving the goals that are still clear and fresh in our minds. However, as time goes on and the challenges of life cloud our vision and determination, it’s so easy to slip off track and lose motivation, or give up altogether. We may begin to feel that our goal is out of reach and unattainable.

However, it is possible to stay motivated and maintain maximum effort non-stop right up until the day you see your goal become a reality. Here are 5 things to keep in mind to help you stay motivate and achieve your fitness goals.

Have Something To Work Towards

Setting an initial goal is absolutely critical to ensuring your success in the future. Also having a future event, challenge or occasion in mind to work towards can be a strong motivator. Choose a future event that you want to prepare for to increase your motivation, or if none come to mind, find one for yourself.

Many people training to improve fitness choose to challenge themselves with an obstacle course race in the future, and undertake an obstacle race training program to help prepare them for the demanding race ahead. Whether you choose a Spartan race training program or a Tough Mudder Training Program, the knowledge that these challenging races loom on the horizon will be plenty of motivation to get you out of bed for a training session in the morning!

Set Mini Goals

On the path to your larger goal(s), set yourself a series of mini goals to complete as you progress to help give you a boost of motivation along the way. Breaking your long term goal down into smaller short term goals helps give you the positive feedback of reaching a small goal sooner and keeping your motivation up as you work towards your long term goals.

Work with a Trainer

On the path to achieving your goals, being accountable and reflecting on your progress is vital to maintaining motivation. If you are highly self-motivated, reflecting on your own goals alone might be enough, but for the rest of us, working with a certified personal trainer can totally change the game.

Working with a trainer means having someone to inspire you, motivate you and share your successes and challenges with you. This can make a real difference to your workouts and your motivation, and many people who try personal training find this the most effective method to stay motivated.

Get Into A Routine

While most people think of things like ‘routine’ and ‘schedule’ being boring, they have actually been proven to help promote success with health, weight loss and fitness goals. Routine is especially powerful in weight loss programs, where following a set schedule helps to keep you on track towards your goals. Studies show that eating the same breakfast everyday can help you to lose weight, and structured fitness programs are much more easy to maintain and continue than disorganized workouts.

Make It Fun

Of course, you’re much more likely to stick with a fitness program if you actually enjoy it! Choose an activity you really like or pick a class or program you can go to with friends to keep it enjoyable and inviting.

With these tips, you’ll have no trouble staying motivated to reach and exceed your fitness goals, and enjoy a happier, more balanced life.