While recruiting the expert services of a certified personal trainer is one of the best things a person can do for their health and wellbeing, some people are discouraged from the idea due to a few common misconceptions about personal training. Here we debunk 5 of the biggest myths about personal trainers so you can know what to expect when considering working with a fitness trainer.

Myth #1: Personal Trainers Are Expensive

It’s a fair point that personal trainers are not the cheapest option when it comes to working out. Doing your own exercises at home, running around the block or swimming in the ocean can be completely free, but there’s a reason you’re not doing that, isn’t there?

When you work with a personal trainer you are paying for the value they add to your workout. A personal trainer offers you their expertise and knowledge of workout modalities, health and safety advice, and motivation to push you to the best you can be.

Myth #2: Personal Trainers Are Only For Experienced Exercisers

Many people think they cannot work with a personal trainer because they are new to exercise and don’t have the strength and experience to do the really ‘hardcore’ workouts. But this is just not true!

Personal training is absolutely ideal for the beginner, because it allows you to have one on one instruction to learn how to perform each exercise safely and effectively, along with a personal guide to help you reach your goals.

Myth #3: A Trainer Will Get Me To My Goal…Guaranteed

Because of the focused attention and care that you get while working with a fitness trainer, you’re much more likely to reach whatever goal you have as part of your workout. But it’s important to remember your goals are always your responsibility, and no matter how amazing your trainer is, they can’t achieve the goal for you.

At the end of the day, you still have to put the hard work in, but your trainer will be right there beside you, spurring you on.

Myth #4: Personal Trainers Only Work At The Gym

Many of us have the image of a gym trainer working in the most intense weights section of the gym, helping their well-muscled clients lift hundreds of pounds. But actually personal trainers work in a variety of different settings and with a whole range of different workout styles and equipment, from body weight exercises, to boot camp to CrossFit.

Personal trainers may work in a gym, a park or their clients home, or for those of us who need a flexible and mobile option, you can even find an online personal trainer.

Myth #5: Personal Trainers Don’t Know What It’s Like To Struggle With Weight/Fitness

Of all the myths, this one couldn’t be further from the truth! While your trainer may look great today, chances are that they weren’t always this fit and healthy.

Many trainers found their passion for fitness after struggling with their own weight or body condition for many years, so they know exactly what it feels like. It’s part of the transformation they’ve found with fitness that drives their passion for training as a career.

While myths about personal trainers abound, the truth is that finding a reliable, honest and professional certified personal trainer to work with is one of the best ways to create a fitter, healthier you.