Finding the right fitness program that matches your personality and lifestyle is the key to effective weight loss. Are you the kind of person who always has their headphones on and prefers working out alone? Or are you the more social type who loves exercising with a partner? Although both have their unique benefits, many people are choosing group workouts lately.

Working out with other people offers more than just meeting someone new at the gym. Even those who consider themselves as introverts end up liking the group setting because of the fun ways it can motivate you to get moving.

Still not sure if joining a group fitness program is the best for you? Below are the top 3 reasons why you should give group workouts a shot:

1. Accountability

People often join a group or find a gym partner because of accountability. When you are held accountable, you will see results. Although some are really religious when it comes to working out, most people need a reason to keep going. You will be more likely to show up if people are expecting you.

When you feel that a group is expecting you to attend classes, you are much more motivated to be there.  It’s also easy to let yourself down but it is much harder to disappoint other people who are rooting for you.

2. Community

The Power of Group Fitness1Those who train together get fit together. Group training creates a sense of creativity among gym members. Sharing a difficult workout routine enhances the gym experience for all participants. You not only meet new people but also make awesome friends who will be there to always push you.

Having that kind of group support boosts your confidence and encourages you to do your best at all times. You can also set goals alongside your co-participants and celebrate together when you reach those fitness milestones. When you don’t feel alone, you are more likely to attend classes every single day.

Both your trainer and fellow participants are there to support you throughout the entire session. This support group will help you push yourself a little bit further for a fitter, stronger you.

3. Fun

Yes, you read that right! When you get moving with others, the energy of the entire group will keep you happy every step of the way. There will always be laughter and smiling when you gather great people in the same room.

Let’s face it–working out by yourself can become monotonous and seem more difficult than it actually is. When you’re alone, there most likely isn’t much joking, laughing and sharing as you take on a challenging experience. Things are also more exciting because you tend to perform better when placed in a group setting. This means no more skipping days at the gym!

If you would like to join a community that encourages you to stay consistent with your work-out routine, motivates you to push harder, and makes you laugh along the way, check out 3STRONG Fitness. Visit our website,, for more information.