In 2018, we were introduced to whole new waves of fitness: high-intensity interval training (otherwise known as HIIT) gyms and all their variations, advanced wearable fitness technology, customized body-weight workout plans, and so on. With the year almost coming to a close, our focus is now on 2019 and all the workout program trends that will no doubt pop up.

Do you have an idea of what’s in store for the fitness industry next year? Check out these predictions for the top exercise and workout trends coming in 2019!


 Reaxing focuses on how you react to things and deal with those situations (hence the name). By improving how fast your body and mind reacts to different stimulus, you are able to hone your central nervous system and sharpen your mind even more.

The workout utilizes equipment that helps you move quickly. The standard Reaxing Kit includes wobbly balance boards for core strengthening, walls with light panels for movement and reflexes, and flexible weights.


 Because of the major success of the TV show, “American Ninja Warrior,” so many gyms started arranging workout courses and equipment to mirror the obstacles.

For those who aren’t familiar, “American Ninja Warrior,” is a TV program known for its complex obstacle course that tests speed, endurance, and strength. The obstacles are extreme, upgraded versions of typical parkour setups and regular gyms. To pass them, contestants need (among other things) incredible upper body strength, a strong grip, and insane total body control.

As of this writing, the Ninja Warrior workout is now being offered in 18 American states.


 Barre is a workout program that’s typically conducted in group gym classes or dance studios. It differs from other group fitness activities because it utilizes the ballet barre and incorporates certain movements from ballet. According to experts, barre will get more spotlight next year. This means more people of all ages, gender, and sizes will try out the exercise for the sake of its numerous health and flexibility benefits.


Workout Program Trends to Watch Out for in 20191

 For people who are always on the go, 2019 might be the year you make big leaps in your fitness journey. Following the popular cycling and HIIT gyms that offer quick 50- to 60-minute classes, you can expect to see shorter versions of your favorite workout program hit the malls. Experts believe the days of hour-long workouts are dwindling, which means 30-minute programs with high intensity will be more in-demand next year.


Many are looking to ramp up their fitness efforts in the coming year, and thus are constantly on the lookout for inspiration (also dubbed fitspiration or fitspo). Because more and more people want to exercise like the pros, sports teams and fitness brands are expected to come up with their own custom workout programs.

Experts believe these brands and teams will soon begin collaborating with existing fitness facilities to bring effective workout programs to their loyal fan base.

Would you be willing to give any of these trends a try? Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a regular gym-goer, it’s always good to change things up every once in a while. Be willing to try new ways to get fit for an even more exciting workout program and fitness journey!