Coming to the close of the holiday season with its overindulgent parties, celebrations and dinners, you may be noticing your waistband tightening. Party after party with the huge meals, nibbles, and alcohol can take its toll on your waistline. This is one of the reasons many people choose ‘weight loss’ as their New Year’s Resolution. Here we look at how to reverse holiday weight gain and regain your confidence, health, and energy for the new year.

Start ASAP

When it comes to controlling weight or going on a diet, many people put it off, thinking ‘I’ll start next Monday after the weekend/next party.’ This is an unfortunate way of looking at things because it separates your ‘healthy life’ from your ‘real life.’ Instead, it’s better to start working towards a healthier you now, even if it’s just signing up to the gym for one day a week, or working on your diet with a personal trainer on the weekdays. This gives you a head start on reversing holiday weight gain and if started early enough, can prevent holiday weight gain altogether.

Don’t Crash Diet

After bingeing on rich holiday foods for weeks, you may be tempted to just fast or crash diet to lose the excess weight. But this sudden change can trigger your body to hold on to the extra weight or lead you to binge again when you get hungry.

Throw Out the Leftovers

Keeping the holiday leftovers and part snacks around the house is just too much of a temptation and will set you back when trying to shed the holiday pounds. Get rid of all the leftovers so you can start nourishing your body with vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and fruits.

start a diet plan

Plan to Succeed

Making a plan to reverse your holiday gain is essential to keep you on track. It can be exceptionally busy once the new year starts up to stay focused on your goals and shed the holiday weight gain. Working with a personal trainer can be useful towards setting clear and achievable goals, and mapping out the actions and milestones to achieve them.

Start Exercising Now

To reverse that holiday weight gain, you’re going to need to start burning calories, and the best way to do that is with regular exercise. Even if the parties haven’t finished yet, or you’re not ready to change your diet, starting your weight loss plan now helps to begin offsetting weight gain and building strength and endurance.

Join a Regular Exercise Class

Staying on track with your goals is the most important part of reversing holiday weight gain. Joining a regular exercise class, such as a CrossFit class can help you stay focused and motivated towards your goals while providing the support of a like-minded group.

Stay Committed

To achieve results in reversing holiday weight gain, you need to stay committed to your goals, even if you have slip-ups or setbacks occasionally. Stay accountable by working with a friend or exercise partner or share your goals with a personal trainer to help stay on track.

Reversing holiday weight gain can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Stay on track by working with a personal trainer, starting early and working consistently to achieve your goal. To talk to a personal trainer or join a group exercise class, contact the fitness experts at the 3Strong gym today.