Summer is the perfect time to take your workouts outside for some extra motivation and inspiration to meet your goals. With the weather warming up and the sun shining, you’ll be inspired to get active, healthy, and fit. Don’t put off getting in shape any longer – start reaching your fitness goals with these fun summer workouts now.

1) Boot Camp

You’ve probably seen a local boot camp workout group running around the park or beach, working up a sweat in the sunshine. Fitness boot camp is a style of interval training, one of the most effective workouts for burning fat and building fitness.

Boot camps can be done with the assistance of a personal trainer or group instructor in any large or outdoor space. Most boot camps use the surrounding environment, tools such as sandbags, ropes or weights, or rely simply on your body weight for resistance. With thigh-energy movement to get your heart rate up, a rapid succession of intervals to keep your body engaged, and a group of friends to help you stay motivated, boot camp is the perfect outdoor summer workout.

A man and a woman exercising

2) Circuit/Interval Training

If you have an open outdoor space to workout in, circuit training can offer the fun and variety you need to stay engaged with your workout. Similar to fitness boot camps, but without the group and instructor, circuit training involves a range of different activities performed in intervals. Fun because it’s fast and varied, effective because it’s challenging, circuit training can really help you hit your goals this summer.

3) Beach Running

What’s more wonderful than sights and smells of a beach in the summertime? How about getting your workout done while enjoying those things? Beach running is a powerful workout that’s perfect for the sunny summer months; the sand offers challenging resistance to rapidly burn fat and build muscle while the stunning views and fresh air will keep you motivated and energized. You can do beach running alone or work with a personal trainer to mix up the workouts, diversify the movements, and work different muscle groups.

4) Cycling

If you own a bike and live near bike paths, cycling is an enjoyable outdoor workout that will really get your blood pumping. Cycling targets the cardiovascular system for a powerful fat-burning workout and is ideal for getting your heart rate into the training zone quickly. Choose an interesting bike path for stunning views while you cycle, ride with a partner to someplace you’ve both wanted to visit, or just cycle around your neighborhood to see all of the things that you miss while moving quickly through your day-to-day routines.

5) Hiking

If you’re looking for a simpler outdoor workout and have more time to dedicate to your workout, take to your local hiking trails. Hiking provides a slow but steady workout which directly targets the aerobic system. Hiking with a friend or group provides a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoor environment. Best of all, you’ll be getting an effective workout while feeling relaxed and at ease.